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Quality Stair Chair Lifts

In Stair Chair Lift Guys, we deal with only quality stair chair lifts that will offer you the comfort, safety and convenience you need. We have different kinds of chair coming in various comfortable designs and all you have to do is to make a choice on the most suitable one for you. With our stair chairs, you will avoid common inconveniences such as breakdowns or gliding problems as they have been designed to offer with maximum performance. Get in touch today with us and discover the great varieties and styles we have for you. Call us at 888-339-1287 for more information.


Simple installation and removal

One main reason that makes people go for chair stair lift is the convenience that it creates when moving from one floor to the other inside the house. But with some of this stair chair lifts, this convenience have been greatly hampered by the fact that one has to struggle in installing or removing the chair from the rails. We hereby present you with simple to install and remove stair chair lift that will never present you with any inconvenience at all. With these, you absolutely need no assistance in either fixing it or removing it. You also dont need a lot of energy to do this hence it can be done by any one at any age. Give us a call at 888-339-1287 for reliable, simple and easy to install and remove stair chair lifts.


Safe use by everyone

Whether you are advanced in age or you have physiological problems in locomotion, our stair chair lifts have been designed by use for every kind of person. We put a lot of emphasis on simplicity so that every kind of user can find them easy to use and operate. In addition to this, all the lifts have been designed with a lot of safety consideration hence you dont have to worry about any mishaps occurring in the course of their usage.

For these and any other such services, please contact Stair Chair Lift Guys on 888-339-1287.

Curved stair chair lifts

At Stair Chair Lift Guys, we have stair lift for stairs that have been specially designed to fit the various specifications of different kinds of stairways. The lifts have been designed to hold weights of up to 400 pounds and they are powered with battery hence you are at liberty to use them even during power outages. Additionally, their maintenance is pretty easy since they have been designed with no drive belts at all. The other unique features of our curved stair chair lifts are the adjustable armrest and footrest which will further enhance the comfort for the users. Get in touch with us at 888-339-1287 for more information on our curved stair chair lifts.

Outdoor stair chair lifts

Other than the curved stair chair lifts, we also have quality and safe outdoor stair chair lifts. With these applications, you get the convenience to go up or down on any outdoor steps. You thus dont have to worry about gaining access to your premises using and exterior stair case. Contact us now at 888-339-1287 for more information about the outdoor stair chair lifts.

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